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University of Mississippi

CP violation searchers and distributed computing development with the Belle II experiment at the University of Mississippi and Brookhaven National Lab

The next generation of particle physics experiments provides a unique opportunity to search for signs of new particles and interactions beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, but also presents significant challenges related to the management and use of the enormous expected data samples. This proposal supports the mission of the DOE High Energy Physics program by leveraging the complimentary expertise of researchers at the University of Mississippi and Brookhaven National Lab to search for CP violation in charmed baryon decays using data from the Belle II experiment and to provide vital support for Belle II distributed computing. Grid-based distributed computing tools will be developed and maintained, along with documentation and training materials, to improve the performance of Belle II analysis activities. CP asymmetries will be measured in charmed baryon decays, taking advantage of the unique benefits of high-statistics, e+e- collision data. Precision measurements will help to clarify the picture of CP violation in the charm sector and potentially open a window to physics beyond the Standard Model.