Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems (2009-2014)

The overall goal of the current Mississippi EPSCoR RII grant (2009-2014) is to develop competitive research infrastructure in modeling and simulation of biological and biologically relevant complex systems. New capabilities will utilize cyberinfrastructure to help researchers investigate, understand, and predict the behavior of complex systems through realistic multi-scale modeling and simulation. We are modeling systems across a wide spectrum of scales to address scientific questions in several key areas including materials, sensors, bioenergy, environmental responses, health, and agriculture. In addition, we are developing enabling technologies that cut across research focus areas. Examples include data provenance, visualization, and co-processor acceleration.


RII Track-2 FEC Projects

RII Track2- FEC: Feeding and Powering the World - Capturing Sunlight to Split Water and Generate Fertilizer and Fuels

Lead Institution: The University of Mississippi

PIs: Nathan Hammer, Keith Hollis, Edwin Webster, Russ Schmel, Jared Delcamp, Shanlin Pan

States, MS, AL, LA

RII Track-2 FEC: Emergent Polymer Sensing Technologies for Gulf Coast Water Quality Monitoring

Lead Institution: The University of Southern Mississippi

PIs: Jason Azoulay, Alan Shiller, Eugenia Kharlampieva, Marco Bonizzoni, Jared Delcamp

States: MS, AL

RII Track-2 FEC: Collaborative Research and Education on Synergized Transformational Solar Chemical Looping and phot-Ultrasonic Renewable Biomass Refinery

Lead Institution: Jackson State University

PIs: Hongtao Yu, Chin-Pao Huang, Wei-Yin Chen, Maohong Fan, Paresh Ray

States: MS, DE, WY