Government & Industry Intern Scholarship

Mississippi EPSCoR will begin offering scholarships for students participating in internships within Mississippi. The goals of the program are to provide graduate students with experience outside of academic research, build the STEM pipeline between graduate school and Mississippi's workforce, and build relationships between Mississippi EPSCoR research teams and industries in Mississippi.

How does it work?

Step 1: Work with your EPSCoR mentor to identify an internship opportunity. If you can't find one, work with your mentor to establish a relationship with relevant industries where an internship opportunity can be requested.

Step 2: Fill out an application for a scholarship to help cover expenses as a result of participating in the internship.

Step 3: Submit the scholarship application and the requested documents to the Mississippi EPSCoR office.

Step 4: Pending review by the steering committee, the Mississippi EPSCoR office will let you know the status of your application.

How many people can receive scholarships?

The Mississippi EPSCoR office has scholarships available for up to two students a year from each University including the University Of Mississippi Medical Center. That's a total of ten students a year. Scholarship

Who picks the students that get the scholarships?

Each application will be reviewed by the Mississippi EPSCoR Steering Committee. Awards will be given based on the relevance of the internship to the overall goal of EPSCoR. Scholarships are awarded on a first come-first serve basis. Students should submit an application as soon as an internship has been secured.

Is that all there is to it?

Almost! Following completion of an internship the student will be required to submit a report detailing the experience. The report should also include how the student's work with Mississippi EPSCoR complimented the work of the industry or government agency where the internship took place.

For an application click here: GIIS

Community College Research Experience

Mississippi EPSCoR will offer paid opportunities for community college students to work for a semester in the lab of a Mississippi EPSCoR researcher at Jackson State University, Mississippi College, Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, or University of Southern Mississippi. The goals of the program are to provide community college students with research experience, build the STEM pipeline between community colleges and Mississippi's research institutions, and build relationships between Mississippi EPSCoR research teams and Mississippi Community Colleges.

What is research?

According to the Council for Undergraduate Research, research is defined as "An inquiry or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original, intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline." The Mississippi EPSCoR researchers conduct research in areas such as: Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, and Agriculture.

How does it work?

  • Community college students fill out an application to the program and submit it to the Mississippi EPSCoR office along with a letter of recommendation from a community college instructor, an official transcript, and a statement describing how the research opportunity relates to your program of study and career plans.
  • Mississippi EPSCoR will provide qualified applications to researchers participating in the program whose research match the applicants career plans and program of study.
  • The applicants chosen to participate will be contacted and given directions on when to meet with the researcher. Students will work in that researchers lab for a total of 30 hours over the course of the semester.
  • Following completion of the program, participants will submit a report on the experience and how it has influenced their education and career goals.
  • Participants will be given a stipend of $1000

How many students will participate?

Currently only 4 students will be selected to participate in the program each year.

What are the qualifications?

To participate in this program you must be enrolled in a Mississippi community college or junior college. You must be classified as a sophomore at your institution and you must have an overall GPA of 3.5.

What are the benefits?

  • Work hands-on in a university research lab and learn cutting-edge research techniques
  • Work with researchers and students at a Mississippi research institution
  • Receive a semester stipend of $1000
  • Increase your competitiveness for jobs or graduate school admissions
  • Clarify your career goals
  • Strengthen your analytical skills

For an application click here: CCRE