CSI: MS in Alabama Teacher Workshop

The Mississippi EPSCoR project is bringing its popular Creative Science Through Inquiry (CSI: MS) science teacher workshop to Alabama. For two weeks, teachers get to be students again as they solve a number of crimes designed to teach fundamental science principles in an engaging and effective way.

Funded by the National Science Foundation (OIA-1539035 and OIA-1632825), this workshop will introduce secondary and postsecondary science instructors to the use of forensic science as a method of teaching fundamental science skills and concepts. The workshop is focused around the Alabama Course of Study Science Standards and will incorporate Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Math, Technology, Writing, and so much more.  Participants will experience inquiry-based and laboratory instruction and will receive research-based curriculum materials developed through the MS-EPSCoR program.

What is provided:
Full protocols for all of the labs performed in the workshop
$100/day professional stipend ($1,000 total)
Travel/Lodging* and Food allowance
CEUs paid for by the project
* Travel allowance is based on mileage from the participant’s teaching institution. Restrictions apply

An online application can be found at